Monet's Art: A Searchable Database

Red Boats, Argenteuil
55 x 65 cm
Musée de l'Orangerie, Paris

To the average museum-goer the paintings of Monet are now so familiar and so reassuring that it is easy to forget they enraged the critics and public. The experience of light, at times becoming almost the subject itself, was greatly enhanced, but so was the physical, material reality of the painted surface. The consequence was that paintings became more "paintings" and less images. These two fundamental realities, the physical reality of the painting and the implied reality of the image, co-existed in charged tension as never been achieved before. The very act of seeing, rather than the objects seen, took on an importance which revolutionized representative painting.

In approximately eight decades, Monet worked obsessively building one of the largest oeuvres of 18th c. painting. According to the authoritative five-volume catalogue raisonne (1974-91), Daniel Wildenstein has listed a few more than 2,050 paintings. This number was surely larger since is well known that Monet destroyed many of his his own works and that a number have been inevitably lost over time.

One of the goals of this website is to create an ONLINE DATABASE OF THE WORK OF CLAUDE MONET so that the average navigator can delight and inform himself as completely as possible of the magnificent oeuvre of Monet. However, the principle objective of this initiative is to become a springboard to visit to the real works which are housed in public museums and private collections all over the world since even the best digital images can only be indicative and no way rival the beauty and significance of a real painting. Every effort possible has been made to present as many works as possible with acceptable digital images.

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