Chronology of Monet's Life

1840 - Oct: Born in Paris, son of a wholesale grocer.

c.1845 - Monet's family move to Le Havre, on the estuary of the river Seine.

c.1855 - By now, Monet is gaining a reputation in Le Havre for his caricatures of 1877
local figures.

c.1856 - Boudin, a landscape painter working locally, introduces him to open-air 1878

1859-60 - First visit to Paris; meets Troyon and other painters in the Realist circle;
meets Pissarro.

1861-1862 - Military service; visits Algeria with the Chasseurs d' Afrique. 1879

1862 - Autumn: Meets Jongkind on the Normandy coast; enters the studio of
Gleyre in Paris, where he probably stays until spring 1864; there he meets
Bazille, Renoir and Sisley. 1880

1863 - Summer: First trip to the Forest of Fontainebleau.

1864 - Painting in the Forest of Foqtainebleau and on the Channel coast, around
Le Havre and Honfleur.

1865 - Spring: Two seascapes accepted at the Paris Salon.
Summer: Painting in the Forest of Fontainebleau; begins his project for a 1881
vast Dejeuner sur I' herbe.

1866 - Spring: Fails to complete his Dejeuner sur I'herbe for the Salon; Camille (a
life-size figure) and a landscape are accepted at the Salon.
Summer: Working outdoors at Ville d' Avray on Women in the Garden;
later, staying at Le Havre.

1867 - Spring: Women in the Garden refused at the Salon.

1882 - Aug: Monet's son Jean born to Camille Doncieux in Paris; financial
difficulties force him to stay with his family in Le Havre.

1868 - Spring: One seascape accepted, one rejected at the Salon.
Oct: Gains silver medal at an exhibition in Le Havre. 1883
Winter: Living with Camille and Jean at Etretat.

1869 - Spring: Submissions rejected at Salon.
Summer-,winter: Living and working around Bougival; on occasion
both Renoir and Pissarro work with him.

1870 - Spring: Submissions rejected at Salon. 1884
Summer: Marries Camille Doncieux; they are on honeymoon at Trouville
at outbreak of Franco-Prusslan War in July.

1885 - Autumn: takes refuge with Camille in London.
Winter: Meets Pissarro and the dealer Durand-Ruel in London. 1886

1871 - Spring: Work rejected at the Royal Academy in London.
Summer: Leaves London for Holland; paints at Zaandam, near Amsterdam.
Winter: Returns to Paris; settles at Argenteuil, which is his main base
until early 1878.

1872-1873 - Durand-Ruel buys many paintings from Monet; purchases cease in 1874. 1887

c. I 872-1873 - Paints on occasion on the Normandy coast, and pays a visit to Amsterdam, but mainly working at Argenteuil.

1874 - Spring: Exhibits in first exhibition of Société Anonyme; the title of his 1888
Impression, Sunrise leads to the group being christened Impressionists.

1875 - Mar: With Morisot, Renoir and Sisley, mounts auction of their paintings in Paris, which gains very low prices. 1889

1876 - Spring: Exhibits in the second. group exhibition. Autumn-winter At Montgeron, painting decorations for the financier Hoschedé.

1877 - Early: Working in Paris on paintings of the Gare Saint-Lazare.
Spring: Exhibits in the third group exhibition.

1878 - Jan: Leaves Argenteuil, moves to Paris.
Mar: Birth of Monet's second son, Michel.
Aug: Monet and his family move to Vetheuil with the family of
Hoschede, who is bankrupt.

1879 - Spring: Exhibits in fourth group exhibition.
Sept: Death of Monet's wife Camille. .
Winter: Painting frozen river Seine at Vetheuil.

1880 - Spring: One painting accepted, one rejected at the Salon, he does not show
at the fifth group exhibition.
June: One-man show at offices of La Vie moderne, a weekly magazine run
by the publisher Charpentier.
Sept: Working on Normandy coast at Petites-Dalles.

1881 - Feb: Durand-Ruel resumes regular purchases of Monet's work.
Mar-Apr: Painting on coast at Fecamp,
Spring: Does not show at the sixth group exhibition.
Aug-Sept: Painting on coast, probably around Trouville.
Dec: Moves from Vetheuil to Poissy, with Alice Hoschedé and her

1882 - Feb-Apr: Painting on coast, around Pourville to west of Dieppe.
Spring: Exhibits at seventh group exhibition, organized by Durand-
June-Oct: Again painting at Pourville.

1883 - Jan-Feb: Painting at Etretat on the Normandy coast.
Mar: One-man show at gallery of Durand-Ruel.
Apr: Moves house from Poissy to Givemy.
Summer: First paintings of Giverny region concentrate on views of the

1884 - Jan-Apr: Painting on Mediterranean coast, at Bordighera, then briefly at

1885 May: Exhibits in Georges Petit's fourth exposition intemationale.
Sept-Dec: Painting at Etretat.

1886 - Feb-Mar: Painting at Etretat.
Apr-May: Two weeks painting tulip fields near The Hagut; in Holland.
May: Exhibits in Petit's fifth exposition internationale, but not in the eighth
and last Impressionist group exhibition.
Sept-Nov: Painting on Belle-Isle, a rocky island off the south-west coast
of Brittany.

1887 - Apr: Makes first sales to Boussod & Valadon, through their branch
manager Theo van Gogh.
May: Exhibits in Petit's sixth exposition internationale.

1888 - Jan-Apr: Painting at Antibes on Mediterranean coast.
June: Ten Antibes paintings exhibited at Boussod & Valadon.
July: Refuses Legion d'Honneur.

1889 - Feb: One-man show at Boussod & Valadon.
Mar-May: Painting at Fresselines on River Creuse in Massif Central.
Nov: Exhibition at Durand-Ruel's gallery includes first series of water

1901 - Feb-Apr: Painting in London.

1901-1902 - Considerable alterations and enlargements to water garden.

1903 Summer: Begins second series of water garden, which continues until

1904 May: Exhibition of London series at Durand-Ruel's gallery.
Oct: Visits Madrid to see the work of Velasquez.

1908 - Sept-Dec: Painting in Venice.

1909 - May: Exhibition of forty-eight of the water garden, at Durand-Ruel's

1911 - May: Death of Alice Monet.

1912 - May: Exhibition of Venice paintings at the Bernheim Jeune gallery.
Summer: Cataracts in both eyes diagnosed; these slowly worsen over the
next decade.

1914 - Aug: Begins construction of new studio in his garden for execution of
monumental Water Lily Decorations.

1916 - New studio finished.

1917 - Abortive project to paint war-damaged Rheims Cathedral, at invitation
of the State.

1918 - First plans to present Water Lily Decorations to the State.

1920 Negotiations with the State about proposed donation of Decorations;
plans to instal them in the grounds of the Hôtel Biron (Musee Rodin).

1922 - Apr: Decorations presented to the State, for installation in the Orangerie.

1923 - Feb: Operation on cataract in one eye partly successful.

1923-1926 - Reworking Decorations when health and sight permit.

1926 - Dec: Dies at Giverny.


Portrait of Claude Monet

Claude Monet


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